Managing Your Revenue Cycle Management

One Record - One Patient - One Comprehensive Process

Revenue Cycle Management

Healthcare has evolved phenomenally with the advent of EMR/EHR and we at NYX have evolved alongside this to ensure that clinical and operational processes are streamlined for optimal financial performance. Our expertise in EMR/EHR clients extends to almost all of the popular platforms in the US.  Our relationship with each of our customers begins with assigning a designated account manager and a RCM team comprising of dedicated billing, coding and AR (accounts receivable) specialists who are equipped to track every claim, ensure accurate and timely submission of claims, boost collection rates and optimize billing practices. Our coding team comprises of coders who are AAPC certified and have expertise across multiple specialties. We believe revenue management begins at the point of care.  Capturing and billing all the services that has been performed and ensuring the claims are submitted to appropriate payers is the first step to ensuring optimized financial performance.


Coding diagnoses and procedures.    Coding diagnoses

Charge capture

Rendering medical services into billable charges.   charges.

Claim submission

Submitting claims of billable fees to insurance companies. 

Patient collections

Determining patient balances and collecting payments.

Charge Posting

 Applying or rejecting payments through remittance processing.

Claims followup

Collecting payments from third-party insurers.