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Healthcare technology solutions for customers in every facet of the healthcare industry, including government
and private payers, medical and dental providers, pharmacies, and laboratories.

Let NYX Med solve your business challenges

Rising operational

Let NYX Med help you reduce your operational costs. Our hybrid approach of combining our innovative technology and expert service offerings, has a proven ROI with quantifiable results to demonstrate that services pay for themselves.


We have access to trained and qualified resources across all specialties and services to ensure your enterprise does not have any downtime. Our in-house training program ensures that at any given time, we have a bench of certified coders and billing staff ready to be on boarded.


NYX Med has a dedicated technology arm that supports all aspects of the revenue cycle and business office functions.

Turn Around Times

In addition to technology that accelerates task completion, NYX Med staffs resources round the clock to ensure your business office is at all times.

Regulatory changes

Our trained and experienced staff are always up-to-date on any regulatory changes that might influence our clients or the industry as a whole.

Business Continuity

NYX Med has five offices in two countries to help us provide seamless connectivity and continuity to our clients at all times.

NYX Med promotes a collaborative relationship with its Clients to resolve quality concerns

NYX Med promotes a collaborative relationship with its Clients and works proactively to promptly resolve any outstanding quality concerns

Providing Measurable Value

1 %
Denial rate stats under 5%
1 %
Higher than industry, Cash collection
1 %
Denial claims resolved with 1 touch submission

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